Airline Statistics

Flight Hours
Distance Flown
2,877,247 nm

Monthly Statistics

Average Landing Rate
-232 fpm
Flight Hours
Distance Flown
380,917 nm

Welcome to BlueStar airlines. We operate our airline in North America and Europe. Join our discord if you are interested in discussing more about our fleet, and how we operate in the persistent multiplayer airline manager "Fly The World".

New Interface
BlueStar has recently opted to offer 2 options of flight for our pilots. The airline has most recently adopted the persistent economic manager called Fly The World- a completely free VA manager, with a virtual economy comprised of thousands of airlines and pilots. The wonderful team at Aiena e.V. power the platform and work hard for our enjoyment. Some legacy pilots remain on the payware, subscription based platform but have the option to migrate to the new platform. Our goal is to create a completely free, virtual airline while challenging ourselves in a persistent economic airline manager. Both of our operations in these addons are detailed further in our airline policies.

Simulator Support
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Routes and Destinations
BlueStar's routes are extremely flexible to account for real life incidents. We have a team of dispatchers on our staff, ready to get you in the skies within minutes of your route request. We can predetermine a route for you, or you can chose the route you fly that day. Our routes are optimized for our fleets and we continue to adjust our destinations based on seasons, travel variations and our pilots desires. We rotate our general aviation fleet throughout the world, so that pilots can enjoy all of the beautiful sceneries that our simulators have to offer.

Aircraft Fleet
BlueStar has a diverse, large fleet. Whether you like to field hop in a Piper Arrow, Cessna 172, or Kodiak- Or you can hop in one of our airliners that range from the Bombardier CRJ700 to the Boeing 767-300ER. BlueStar is expanding our fleet as we hire new talent, so your input and desires are listened to when shaping our fleet and route network. Head over to our hangar to check out the fleet.

If you are interested in learning more, jump in our discord. We welcome all levels of simmers, from novice to senior captains. We have a staff member ready to get you onboard and flying for us today!

Many thanks for the support teams at:

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